Humanism & Buddhism — Interview with Ted Meissner, The Secular Buddhist

| January 12, 2012 | 2 Comments

Scott Lohman from The Humanists of Minnesota interviews Ted Meissner on “Humanism and Buddhism”. Learn about the many commonalities between Humanism and Secular Buddhism.


Ted Meissner & Scott Lohman

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Dana Nourie

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Dana is Technical Director of the Secular Buddhist Association. She learned Buddhism through a DVD course on Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism, followed by a two-year course in person. She then studied Theravada Buddhism through the Insight Meditation South Bay with teacher Shaila Catherine. She has been a practitioner now for over a decade. Dana has been working in the internet industry since 1992, has held the positions of web developer, technical writer, and online community manager. She is a geek girl with a passion for science and computing.

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  1. Very much enjoyed this conversation, Ted, and the emphasis you placed on being in this world rather than beliefs about the world. What came across was that your conversation was the outcome of a number of previous discussions which engendered trust and an ongoing friendship. Scott’s openness to what you had to say was a joy to see, and contrasted with my impression that humanist organisations in this country are very much faith group communities.

    • Ted Meissner Ted Meissner says:

      Glad you liked it! Scott is a dear friend, we were expecting a very good conversation and weren’t disappointed ourselves.

      What we’ve found here in the states is that Secular Humanists groups are extremely open minded about having a way to foster positive social change. It’s one thing to say “be excellent to each other”, and quite another to learn and practice the skills to accomplish being excellent to each other. We’ve found there are many meditators who identify as Secular Humanists who have wonderfully insightful thoughts to contribute to the dialogue of Secular Buddhism.

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