20 Minute Sit

| November 29, 2012 | 14 Comments

20 Minute Sit

A guided 20-minute mindfulness meditation session featuring mindfulness of the breath and of the body, guided by Mark Knicklebine:




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  1. doug sample says:

    Thank you, that was great.

  2. Lyman Reed says:

    Thank you, Mark. Good stuff!

  3. Candol says:

    I think my ears have been permanently damaged by that high pitched zinger.

  4. Martin says:

    Thank you Mark, this is a lovely meditation for a beginner like me. I’m attempting it daily but occasionally “forget”.

  5. Martin says:

    Hi Mark, I’ve just finished your 20′ Guided meditation which I’ve been doing regularly now for about a month. In your very last closing remarks you use the word ‘happy’ and it always catches me. Yes, I know it implies calm, peaceful contentment, but it’s other images, of people partying etc., that come to mind. Perhaps there’s a fullness to ‘happy’ that isn’t captured in ‘contentment’ for instance. Hey, I know I’m being picky. Hopefully not objectionably so!

    His Pickiness,


  6. Mark Knickelbine says:

    Martin, may all beings everywhere get down! “Be happy” is the traditional metta phrase and I guess I err on the side of brevity. Would “May all beings be truly happy and deeply peaceful” sound less salacious to you? I’m really glad to know you’ve been getting a lot of use out of the guided meditation and I hope it’s been a benefit to your practice.

  7. Paul Mc Paul Mc says:

    Thanks Mark! putting together some of these guided meditation exercises along with the weekly practice suggestions from Dana ;-> very nice beginnings!

  8. mbaskin mbaskin says:

    Im happy to have found this community, and this meditation to start my journey back on the cushion. Thanks Mark!

    • Mark Knickelbine says:

      M —

      I’m very gratified to hear that it’s helping. I have recorded a new version that Anthony has succeeded in cleaning up, so that will be available soon!

  9. SunnyCamomile59 says:

    Hey Mark!

    I attempted to do mindfulness practice everyday for the past few months on my own without guidance and needless to say, it was difficult. I tried many guided meditations but this one stuck! Thank you so very much!

  10. Mark Knickelbine says:

    Sunny, thanks for sharing that! It makes me feel good to hear that people find the recordings helpful.

  11. keko keko says:

    Thanks Mark..u made it so easy,got totally different perspective of meditation..thanks again.

  12. Mark Knickelbine says:

    Keko, thanks for your kind words! Best of luck with your practice.

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