Buddhism and Stoicism 2: Five Differences

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Buddhism and Stoicism are in many ways allied philosophies. However in this video we will look at five ways that they differ. We will be looking in specific at early Buddhism and Stoicism as reflected in its Classical Greek and Roman texts, and as explained in Massimo Pigliucci’s recent book “How to Be a Stoic”.

My previous video considered five ways that they were similar. While this video considers differences, their similarities overwhelm their differences, at least for most aspects of the path up until nearly its very end.

For further on this topic I would recommend this YouTube discussion between Massimo Pigliucci and Robert Wright on Stoicism and Buddhism.

Also, Greg Lopez’s essay comparing Buddhist and Stoic notions of mindfulness is worth a read.

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Doug is Study Director of the Secular Buddhist Association. He has a PhD in Philosophy, with a minor in Buddhist philosophy and Sanskrit. In 2013 he completed the year-long Integrated Study and Practice Program with the BCBS and NYIMC. A long time scientific skeptic, he pursues a naturalized approach to practice. He is also interested in scholarship about the Tipiṭaka, and the theoretical and historical origins of the dhamma. He posts videos at Doug's Secular Dharma on YouTube. Some of his writing can be found at academia.edu.

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