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    Mark Knickelbine

    Hello! The most popular SBA guided meditation on Insight Timer is The Three Letting Be’s; it’s been heard more than 9,200 times! I think it appeals to people because it’s a simple, non-striving way to meditate. It’s a good practice on its own and a great way to prepare for other kinds of contemplative methods. So I thought I’d share it live this week when Practice Circle meets on Sunday, February 12 at 8 pm CST. Below is a description of the Three Letting Be’s by John Makransky, who developed it based on Tibetan Mahamudra practice.

    If you haven’t joined us at Practice Circle before, we’d welcome the chance to practice with you. Our new videoconference rooms on Zoom are optimized for mobile devices, and of course there’s no charge to participate. Just follow this link: https://zoom.us/j/968569855

    I hope to see you there!


    Three Letting Be’s of body, breath, and mind

    Sit in relaxed way, back comfortably straight, eyes gazing gently downward. Do
    five cleansing breaths, inhaling deeply into the lower abdomen, holding briefly,
    releasing all worries on the exhale. Then:

    –body: Drop into the body, feeling its groundedness, feeling the body as a whole in a
    relaxed way, with a sense of openness. Notice any feelings of grasping or holding on
    within the body, and gently let those places of tension relax, letting bodily feelings settle
    in their own way. Deeply let be within the body, letting the body draw you into oneness
    with it a little. With a feeling of letting be done, of just being embodied.

    –breath: After a little while, sense any feeling of holding on to the breathing process,
    and let that relax. Let the breath settle into its own natural flow, letting be within the
    breath, letting the breath draw you into oneness with it, a feeling of being breathed.

    –mind: After a little while, in the mind, notice any grasping to the thinking process or
    thought of ‘self,’ and let that feeling of holding on relax deep within. Give the mind
    permission to fall completely open, letting all patterns of thought and feeling just relax
    and unwind. All senses wide open; mind totally unconfined, unrestricted, wide open.

    Let all patterns of thought and feeling just unwind in this space of deep allowing,
    accepting, and letting be. Let this expanse of utter openness and awareness itself do the
    knowing. Experience thoughts, feelings, and sensations within this compassionate space
    of deep acceptance and allowing the natural kindness of letting all be.

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    Jennifer Hawkins
    Jennifer Hawkins

    Test post. Testing update.

    Listen to the Suttas!

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