Has anyone read "The Issue at Hand" by Gil Fronsdal? So far so good.

Home Forums Buddhist Texts Has anyone read "The Issue at Hand" by Gil Fronsdal? So far so good.

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    I just read the Metta chapter and was quite impressed.

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    Have to share, from the chapter on Awakening:

    “When mindfulness matures enough that we are refreshed by Awakening, then we no longer take the conditioned world to be the center of our universe. The taste of the unconditioned offers a kind of Copernican revolution in awareness. This will naturally
    cool the fevers of the many manifestations of greed, hatred and delusion, and the compassionate heart will grow bigger—seemingly to include everything within itself.”

    Can’t wait?

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    I’ve only read half the book, but I’ve listened to at least a hundred of Gil’s podcasts, and have had the good fortune to sit at one of his retreats. He is the only teacher I have encountered who has never said anything about Buddhism I disagree with, which is remarkable. Either he’s been a big influence on me, or we both have the same basic approach; I’m not sure which.

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      Kind of challenging, Linda, to just listen, without the ability to comment; did you at any point begin a dialogue with Mr. Fronsdal, or recommend it? Also annoying to listen via mobile device when one can’t return to the second when there’s an interruption; do you know what I mean Linda? Nevin

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    Right on. I’ll be checking out his podcasts in the near future.

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