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    I first was introduced to Buddhism by reading Siddhartha in a history class in college. More recently, I joined a meditation group that is hosted by my local Unitarian Universalist church and is led by Tibetan Buddhist nuns.

    I consider myself to be agnostic in beliefs and came to the group for the interfaith (and nonfaith) community and from an interest in meditation.

    I quickly discovered the benefit in analytical meditation with this group and the benefit of community meditation and study. Because the group is interfaith, they occasionally talk about the Tibetan beliefs and other religions when studying meditation, but primarily it approaches meditation from a nondogmatic approach and references science and psychology.

    From there I found myself very interested in the deeper teachings of Buddhism, but quickly found myself turned off by the mythology intertwined into the teachings and meditation practice.

    And that’s how I got here, listening to the Secular Buddhist podcast and joining the community to see what the secular teachings and perspective are like.

    I’m excited to learn more and participate!

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    Ted Meissner
    Ted Meissner

    Welcome to the group! Your experiences seem to connect quite closely with others, including mine: there is a terrific, pragmatic wisdom (the “what”) and practice (the “how”), but our cultural references aren’t suited to supernaturalism or ritual or gender bias or heirarchical structures or… you get the idea.

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