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    Considering getting an audiobook by Steven Bachelor. Having never read his works, What suggestions for the reading order?

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    Michael Finley
    Michael Finley

    Depends, perhaps, on your background. Buddhism without Beliefs is often recommended, and is a very good book. It’s been said that it’s not as much a beginner’s book as it seems on first blush. A little background in Buddhism helps — a lot doesn’t hurt. Still, with that caveat you could start here. Confession of a Buddhist Atheist is my foavourite — the autobiographical frame is used skillfully to present some very good insights into Buddhism and, more important, our struggle to practice the dharma as humanitarians skeptical of religion. It could be a first Batchelor book if you don’t mind the discursive format of autobiography. Don’t forget one of the earlier books, Alone with Others: An Existential Approach to Buddhism. Batchelor has changed some opinions since he wrote the book, but it’s still a very good read, particularly for the more philosophically inclined. On the other hand, IMO, Living with the Devil was something of a misfire, which I can’t recommend as a first, or second, Batchelor book.

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