What are your expectations for what Buddhist practice can bring about?

| February 14, 2012 | 1 Comment

Share your expectations of practice by taking this poll. You can choose up to 15 of the options below that best apply to your expectations of Buddhist practices.


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Comment Below¬†about these suggestions, or other reasons that you have that weren’t listed.


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Dana is Technical Director of the Secular Buddhist Association. She learned Buddhism through a DVD course on Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism, followed by a two-year course in person. She then studied Theravada Buddhism through the Insight Meditation South Bay with teacher Shaila Catherine. She has been a practitioner now for over a decade. Dana has been working in the internet industry since 1992, has held the positions of web developer, technical writer, and online community manager. She is a geek girl with a passion for science and computing.

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  1. Paul says:

    Finding the site more interesting and “fun” each time I visit. I appreciate the opportunity SBA affords myself and others to learn, interact, and support each other online – amazing!
    I truly look forward to much more here. Thank you all so much for providing and participating in this community ;->

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