A “Re~Collection” on Building, Renewing, and Sustaining Sanghas – (reposted from “Secular Buddhism in Aotearoa New Zealand” blog)

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“It can be said that a Sangha is like a projection of its individual members. There cannot be healthy relationships with others if “the self” is not known, accepted, and sustained. So do that internal work first. Then if and only if new relationships are actually desirable, try out some of what is suggested here…. and may it be of benefit to any and many!”


Last month, I was invited to an online meeting with our siblings down in New Zealand, Australia, and a couple other nations as well, “…discussing the conversation that took place during the October 28th Sydney Insight Meditators meeting in which the focus was building, renewing and sustaining community.” Then I was asked to write up further thoughts to share on the  Secular Buddhism in Aotearoa New Zealand blog:


If you or anyone you know is interested in the topic of Sangha-building (or just what our siblings in New Zealand and beyond are up to in general), please feel free to check out the link, which covers suggested action steps on diversity, accessibility, and recruitment as well as supplemental resources from SIM and East Bay Meditation Center.



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