Episode 316 :: Richard Harrold :: My Buddha Is Pink: Buddhism for the Modern Homosexual

Richard Harrold

Richard Harrold joins us to speak about his book, My Buddha Is Pink: Buddhism for the Modern Homosexual.

Contemporary religious traditions are experiencing stressors unprecendented in all of history. They are being hit by a double whammy: first, planet wide, instant access to their teachings and practices, which also opens them up to a world of critiques and opinions. Second, that very same access seems to be accelerating the rate of modernity’s impact on society. Some religious institutions are doubling down on their fight against what they see as ideas that are wrong in some way, while others are meeting these challenges with an open heart. For me as a secular person, the question has always been How does this ideology, practice, or institution support helping people, and reduce suffering? Buddhism and other religions have an opportunity to meet the needs of those they may not always have welcomed — and change the story of how their traditions serve people.

Richard Harrold has been practicing Buddhism for about 20 years, in the Thai Forest Theravada tradition. His blog, “My Buddha Is Pink,” which ran from 2009-2014, offered a pioneering gay Buddhist perspective for Western practitioners. The blog continues to have visitors and has accumulated nearly 200,000 pageviews since its launch. His new book is based on that blog and his long practice, including five years under the guidance of Ajahn Khemasanto at Wat Dhammasala Forest Monastery in Perry, Michigan.

So, sit back, relax, and have a nice Herbal Mint tea.


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