The Basics

The Secular Buddhist Association (SBA) is a grass roots gathering of fellow practitioners and interested parties, providing mutual support and feedback. We invite you to join in the conversation so that, together, we can begin to discover what Buddhism may become in our contemporary culture.

We’re not teachers, and make no claim to having any kind of authority in determining what is best for you in your learning, practice, and actualization of the results of your own efforts.  We are here to encourage one another, tell our stories, and share our perspectives about what our experiences and personal understandings have become through our own journeys.

This is a young effort, and we’re going to have growing pains in this collaborative examination of teaching and practice.  We’re taking an inclusive stance, seeking to find what works best for everyone regardless of ideological stance or traditional affiliation (or none), not just those who identify as Buddhists.  There are many ways to view and come to secular practice, which provides a wonderful strength of diversity for those who find this of interest.

And, should this secular approach to Buddhism not resonate with you, we wish you the very best as you move to what works for you!