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Social Justice

Listen to the Suttas! – Audio Recordings of English Translations of the Pali Canon Suttas

Listen to the Suttas! Youtube Channel:   Example Video: The Sammaditthi Sutta (The Discourse on Right View, MN 9)   For those who have difficulty with written text (or Pali), there are few quality, widely-available audio recordings of English language translations of the Pali Canon Suttas. Our own Community Director, Jennifer Hawkins, who developed…

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A “Re~Collection” on Building, Renewing, and Sustaining Sanghas – (reposted from "Secular Buddhism in Aotearoa New Zealand" blog)

“It can be said that a Sangha is like a projection of its individual members. There cannot be healthy relationships with others if “the self” is not known, accepted, and sustained. So do that internal work first. Then if and only if new relationships are actually desirable, try out some of what is suggested here….…

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Practice Circle: The Benefactor Body Scan

Recently, SBA Community Director Jennifer Hawkins engaged us with folks from the North American Buddhist Alliance to talk about the body scan, a practice used widely in both Buddhist meditation and mindfulness programs. If you’re not familiar with it, it consists of systematically directing your concentrated awareness to one body part at a time, starting…

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Episode 263 :: Jay :: Transitioning in Community

Jay Jay joins us to speak about being trans in dharma community. There is a seeming disparity between the Buddhist concepts of not self, and being comfortable in one’s identity. We sometimes hear the criticism of meditation groups for people of color or for those of particular orientations that they reify ideas of self, rather…

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