Confronting Illness and Death

How do we confront illness and death? We will all experience them, but often don’t want to contemplate them. I’ll discuss some recent YouTube channels that have dealt with illness and death in deep and profound ways, as well as a little of my own journey. Then I’ll turn to both traditional Buddhist and secular contemplations that may prove useful.

The YouTube channels:

Simone Giertz (Since recording this video she has finished her radiation treatment and come out with new videos on her channel).

So Fia
Emily Hayward

What do people say before they die?

The Zen Center for Contemplative Care

Books mentioned:

The Dhammapada (Gil Fronsdal, trans.)
Christopher Hitchens, Mortality

Suttas and other texts mentioned: (On Mindfulness)

Recent article worth a read:

The Lesson of Impermanence