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Jose Lopez

José Angel Lopez talks with us about Atheist Meditation on FaceBook.

Many of us either did not grow up with the practices of a religious tradition, or if we did, we’ve since moved away from them. We wear the scarlet letter for what is often viewed as a dirty word in our society, Atheist. Sometimes we wear that letter proudly, and other times our stance is more private.

We see groups of atheists forming, both online and face-to-face. They can provide a haven and encouragement that yes, it’s okay to not believe simply because the others around us do.

Sometimes, though, we bring with us the habits of dogma from which we’re escaping. We associate any religious practice with the ones we have, not positively, in our background. The result is that we may be dismissing certain helpful and practical, perfectly natural and scientific practices along with the supernatural stuff we don’t like, or has harmed us. Unfortunately, the pragmatic training of the mind that Buddhism has is often thrown out upon hearing the first chant. Technology — and critical thinking — can help us avoid this trap.

José Angel Lopez grew up in Switzerland, and has been interested in Buddhism and meditation since his 30’s, finding it in accorance with his atheist approach. Though he considered becoming a monastic, José found that a full experience of life while practicing meditation and Buddhist principles was a better fit for his life. He has started a FaceBook community about meditation for atheists.

So, sit back, relax, and have a nice Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl.

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Shakuhachi Meditations

Shakuhachi Meditations

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