Episode 151 :: Ben Fleury-Steiner :: Dying Inside

Ben Fleury-Steiner

Ben Fleury-Steiner joins us to talk about mindfulness practice in Delaware at Open Heart Zen, and to continue our theme of compassion for others as he discusses his book Dying Inside: The HIV/AIDS Ward at Limestone Prison.

Hi, everyone. When we do metta practice, starting with ourselves, then our loved ones, families, friends, associates, and all the way to those we are at odds with, it’s very… removed. We are typically in a safe and comforting environment, and don’t really have to grapple with the very tangible activities of dealing with people who are suffering. That’s something we do off the cushion in our daily lives.

But, we might not actually be engaging with others who are suffering. For many of us, though our metta practice is sincere, innocent, and with the most heartfelt compassion, we might not actually deal directly with those who are in true torment. Only some of us have that face to face engagement with the suffering of others, their pains, sorrows, and often tragic circumstances. Some of us do, have either never had or have taken off the blinders of ignorance, and very really and tangibly give back to those most in need.

Professor Fleury-Steiner earned in his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and his master’s and doctoral degrees in sociology from Northeastern University. His research interests include inequality, law and society and social control.

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