Episode 227 :: Soryu Forall :: Center for Mindful Learning


Soryu Forall

Soryu Forall joins us to speak about the Center for Mindful Learning.

When is a monastery, not a monastery? What defines it as such? Is it the presence of monastics, or perhaps a ritual of purification, or of dedication? Or perhaps the notion of a place of living and learning for those who’ve dedicated themselves to practice is evolving as the dhamma encounters and dances with modernity.

Soryu Forall left home as a teen to enter a Zen monastery in Japan and was blessed to train under Shodo Harada Roshi for several years. He was ordained during this time, then continued his training at Sariputta Boudh Vihar, an Ambedkar monastery in South India, Hemis Gompa, a Tibetan Kagyud monastery in the far north of India, and Xue Feng Si, an ancient Ch’an monastery in eastern China. He has also had the honor of participating in several Lakota ceremonies. He works closely with Shinzen Young, helping him to develop and teach methods of mindfulness for the benefit of all life.

So, sit back, relax, and have a nice Raspberry Ginger tea.

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