Episode 231 :: Jay Roche :: Common Ground Bray, Ireland


Jay Roche

Jay Roche joins us to speak about Common Ground Bray, a group dedicated to promoting a co-operative and ecological lifestyle in Bray, Ireland.

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Do you ever feel like an outsider, even in your home town? Maybe not so much of an outsider, certainly you’re known and liked, but you may have a vision for what a community might be that’s a little different. That requires dedication to making that vision come alive, and building community within your community.

Jay Roche works as a visual artist and designer and lives in the small town of Bray on the east coast of Ireland with his wife and four children. He has been meditating for over 20 years and is interested in a secular approach to Buddhist practice. In 2012 along with a number of other people he helped set up Common Ground Bray, a grass roots ethical and cooperative community. He runs a meditation group as part of this project with an aim to fostering mindfulness and to explore new ways of building sangha in the modern world. He publishes a blog The Bray Meditation Space that touches on topics and ideas discussed within that group.

So, sit back, relax, and have a nice Barry’s Irish Breakfast tea.

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