Episode 92 :: Tony Bernhard :: Culture Independent Buddhist Retreats

Tony Bernhard

Tony Bernhard speaks with us about facilitating a-cultural Buddhist teaching and retreats.

Hi, everyone. As we’ve seen in the growth and popularization of Buddhism in the West, the teaching and practice takes on forms that may not fit with the cultural background from which they’ve come. Our commitment to Buddhism does not, as it turns out, force us into a false dichotomy of monasticism versus lay practice. We can, and many of us do, choose to engage with this moment as sentient beings, rather than as people who have decided to accept a culture and religion with which we have certain reservations and disagreements.

To me, this is the tremendous strength of a secular approach to Buddhist teaching and practice. It’s not specific to Buddhists, it’s something anyone can do — even us secular types!

Tony Bernhard is one of Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leaders, sits on the Spirit Rock Planning Committee and on the Board of the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies, leads sitting groups in Davis, and teaches in and around the Bay Area.

So, sit back, relax, and have a nice Rainforest Mate.

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“Karma is about what you make yourself into, not what happens to you.” — Tony Bernhard


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