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    Just been informed that Hindu leaders have successfully got this carnage stopped.

    Now, if only the Buddhist clergy would intervene to get the stressed dog and cat meat business stopped as well!

    And also stop the abuse of elephants in

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    steve mareno

    This whole animal thing is pretty crazy, especially as I’m an animal myself! It really comes down to doing no harm to any sentient being if we can possibly avoid it. That should be the primary focus of any spiritual path. The first step.

    If we simply followed that one rule, everything else concerning cruelty, prejudice and hate would resolve itself.

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    Unfortunately human rights and even animal rights is a western luxury, culturally speaking.

    It is even a relatively new concept as a cultural norm in the west.

    When I was in Nepal, I was near an area with Tibetan refugees who I observed finding a kitten, with one of them throwing it up in the air by one leg getting it to fall awkwardly. After a few tosses it was in distress and a bit broken, so the game was over and no longer of interest to the individual and his audience.

    You would think that the culture of Tibet would instil a compassion on its citizens, but it is a learnt concept to treat animals with respect; even people for that matter.

    You can’t take these issues on personally or it will exhaust you mentally. All we can do is be our own good sphere of influence and be, and do, the best for those around us which includes our much loved animals.

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    AS IF
    Human Arrogance

    A. The man and woman were in love.
    B. The lion and lioness looked as if they were in love.

    A. The boy was enjoying himself.
    B. The monkey looked as if it was enjoying itself.

    A. The men escaped.
    B. The pigs looked as if they were escaping.

    A. The girl was sad.
    B. The dog looked as if it was sad.

    A. The man was angry.
    B. The cat looked as if it was angry.

    A. The boy was in pain.
    B. The dog looked as if it was in pain.

    A. The women were friends.
    B. The gorillas looked as if they were friends.

    A. People have feelings.
    B. One might think the horses had feelings.

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