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    Shane Presswood
    Shane Presswood

    Does anyone have any references for me or research they have done where Gautama Buddha speaks of the development of the body? Although I am studying the Dhammapada along with the rest of my articles of research I have not come across any sutra or verse of him speaking about this.

    I feel I need to limit my foundational studies to where I am at right now, but the practice portion of my studies already involve, meditation, working on mindfulness and exercise. Just wondering if anyone has any additional experience with the body aspect?

    citta-bhāvanā, translated as “development of mind”[7][8] or “development of consciousness.”
    kāya-bhāvanā, translated as “development of body.”[7]

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    I don’t have any specific qoutes from the Buddha but I am aware of Shaolin. In Shaolin they mix zen buddhism with Kung Fu. It seems that the benefits would be things such as self mastery, discipline, uniting mind and body, physical health,ect.
    And, of course, the often forgotten aspect is that exercise can also be fun, which is just as important as all the rest.

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      Shane Presswood
      Shane Presswood

      Thanks so much!I just wonder if there are actual scriptures from Gautama about how to take care of the form of body.

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