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    Good Evening!

    Sha here, from Baltimore, MD (near Washington DC, USA).

    I’m super pleased to have found this forum; I’ve been interested in Buddhism for a decade now, dipping in and out occasionally as one does at first. This year I was able to take a month retreat at Zen Mountain Monastery in New York, and my meditation practice has really begun to develop.

    I loved the aesthetic of Zen, but I find the secular teachings (I am especially into Stephen Batchelor at the moment) resound more harmoniously with my scientific/philosophical training.

    Hoping to find a bit of a cloud-sangha and who knows, maybe make some offline acquaintances as well.

    Happy Tuesday!

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    Ted Meissner
    Ted Meissner

    Hi, Sha, welcome! So glad you’ve found this place, as there are many of us here who have a similar outlook and engagement with Buddhism.

    I would like to also suggest you consider joining us for Practice Circle, especially if you’re interested in making connections within the community. Just look under Meditation Support, Practice Circle for details.

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    Hi Sha! I’m also in the Baltimore area and I just joined the forum. Feel free to reach out any time. Be well.

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    Shane Presswood
    Shane Presswood

    Hey Sha!

    I lived out in Salisbury, MD from 2001-2012 myself. A great state indeed! Just wanted to say hello and welcome! There are many “cloud sanghas” out there and I assure you that you have a great place to start connecting. They are doing some great work here in the SBA!

    Make sure you check out meetup.com, do a good google search of meditation and Buddhism groups. Those are the places I seem to have found some excellent in-person and virtual groups!

    Metta to the MD!

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