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    “Is A Sea Change Coming to Western Buddhism?” by Justin Whitaker

    Doesn’t seem like a new thing, but I’d say yes.

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    Please can you elucidate?

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    steve mareno

    It surely depends on the race, culture and lineage. I have been going to Zen centers in the US for nearly a quarter of a century, and it’s the same now as it was then. There’s quite a few of the more religious Asian branches of Buddhism I have also visited just to see what’s happening, and these are mainly run by men, with woman seemingly having a subservient position. In our Zen centers, again, the places are more often than not run by a Zen male teacher, and even if the makeup of the sanghas nearly always runs heavily toward men, women do teach and run centers. Unfortunately, There’s a white yuppie majority that is off putting to me and others. Go to an SGI place and you’ll see a lot more women and minorities. Ditto for Shambhala, a branch that I consider to only be minimally Buddhist.

    My point is that there are vast differences in each lineage in how the practice works, who goes to them, and who runs them. Referring to people as Western Buddhists is confusing too. That’s like calling people Christians when there is really very little in common between a Catholic, a Southern Baptist, and a Pentecostal.

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