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    Mim Donovan

    This is the 4th Sunday so it should be happening tonight? I’m in Ireland so will prop my eyelids with matchsticks until the appointed hour. 🙂

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    Jennifer Hawkins
    Jennifer Hawkins

    It is!

    Alright, so in order for me to try to accurately tackle this, let’s start with the 4 time zones for the continental US (because I can manage those without making mistakes)

    Pacific (California)
    Mountain (where I live)
    Central (where Mark, the person who usually leads Practice Circle lives)
    Eastern (New York, etc)

    Practice Circle happens tonight at:
    6PM Pacific (18:00)
    7PM Mountain (19:00)
    8PM Central (20:00)
    9PM Eastern (21:00)

    I did some googling and it seems that Ireland (specifically Ireland and not North Ireland) has only one time zone. When it is Sunday, 9PM (21:00) Eastern in the US, it will be Monday, 2AM (02:00) in Dublin.

    Dublin to Eastern US Time

    You should also check out
    which is what Ramsey Margolis (a Secular Buddhist leader down in New Zealand) and I use when I try to pop in on his meetings (set in the larger of the two NZ time zones).

    And just to reiterate, you seem to be 5 hours ahead (add 5) of anyone in New York, Massachusetts, etc (for example, Ted Meissner, who runs the podcast and will be there tonight). This also means that you are 7 hours ahead (add 7) of me (in the Mountain time zone). I’m just saying that to make sure we get this right, lol. I googled my time to Ireland (basically) and it said 7 hours for me specifically (being in the Mountain time zone), so just repeating everything because that does seem to add up to everything else I know.

    It is currently 4:52PM (let’s pretend 5PM or 17:00) where I specifically am (Mountain). Practice Circle will start in 2 hours for me. So make sure that that makes sense to you.

    I’m sorry; I’m literally the worst at the time zone conversions. Ramsey has to hold my hand every single time I do anything with him, and I don’t want to mess up with you, lol.

    See you tonight/this morning.

    Edit: I don’t think the link is working here. I will put it on the FB page too

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