Practice Circle: Jason Siff and Recollective Awareness Meditation

jason_siffHappy New Year! We’re excited to be starting 2015 with our first guest-led Practice Circle featuring Jason Siff, the author of “Unlearning Meditation” and “Thoughts are Not the Enemy.” Over the next two Practice Circle sessions, Jason will be teaching us the technique he calls Recollective Awareness Meditation, which involves open awareness practice, journaling, and interpersonal communication. For our session this Sunday, Jan. 11 at 8 pm CST, you will need some writing material, preferably including a notebook you can use for journaling meditation sessions over the next couple of weeks. After Jason instructs us in the technique, we’ll be doing some sitting and then journaling. We’ll have some homework prior to our next session as well.

Jason has appeared on the Secular Buddhist Podcast a number of times.  Here he is sharing his reflections on Secular Buddhism : .   Here’s Jason discussing the challenges of teaching meditation:   Here is a two-part interview he did with Ted on his first book, “Unlearning Meditation”: ; .  Finally, here is an episode of the Present Moment Podcast in which Jason discusses his latest book, “Thoughts are Not the Enemy”:

I hope you can take advantage of this special opportunity! If you’ve never attended Practice Circle before, you can find out how to register for our online practice group here: See you Sunday.