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Early Buddhism on the Internet

It can be difficult to find reliable information about early or secular Buddhism on the Internet. I’ll discuss some places we can look, and find both good translations of early texts and reasoned articles or discussions relating to them. Sites mentioned (besides this one): There…

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Buddhism and Climate Change

Recently the renowned translator and activist Bhikkhu Bodhi gave a daylong event on Buddhism and climate change. Today’s video summarizes his concerns and diagnoses, and looks at some aspects of Buddhist practice that can help us in our daily struggles with this key issue. Bhikkhu Bodhi’s organization Buddhist Global Relief Check out my new Patreon…

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Good Books on Early Buddhism

Here are the books mentioned in the video: Bhikkhu Bodhi: In the Buddha’s Words Rupert Gethin: The Foundations of Buddhism Williams, Tribe, Wynne: Buddhist Thought Walpola Rahula: What the Buddha Taught Richard Gombrich: What the Buddha Thought Richard Gombrich: Theravāda Buddhism, 2nd Ed. Johannes Bronkhorst: Buddhist Teaching in India Anālayo: Satipaṭṭhāna, the Direct Path to…

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Buddhist Activism and Quietism

Many of us are looking for the right way to engage with contemporary political concerns. What does Buddhism have to teach us? A couple of recent articles have taken this question in opposite directions. In “Let’s Stand Up Together”, Bhikkhu Bodhi argues that Buddhism has a number of important ethical lessons to teach that rise above simple notions…

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A Few Words on Bodhi and Batchelor

I would like to have more time to respond to Bhikkhu Bodhi’s recent piece on Secular Buddhism over at Secular Buddhism New Zealand, “Facing the Great Divide”, as well as to Stephen Batchelor’s lengthy response in the comments. Unfortunately time is short so I will be necessarily brief. Bhikkhu Bodhi Bodhi’s essay is something of an…

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Response to Faith and Belief in Secular Buddhism

What follows below is taken from an email I received today from Geoff, regarding one of the threads on Sujato’s Blog. I thought this audience might be interested in the full response, and I’ll also see if I can find the spot on Sujato’s site to respond there as well. Many of the topics here…

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