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Mindfulness of the Body

Mindfulness of the body is the heart of much contemporary meditation practice. We’ll look at it today with a focus on the original texts, which provide a great array of related practices. We will see ways that the older approach is complex and profound, and at times challenges our contemporary approach to meditation. Sutta: the…

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Practice Circle: Mindfulness of the Body

Even as one who encompasses with his mind the mighty ocean includes thereby all the rivulets that run into the ocean; just so, O monks, whoever develops and cultivates mindfulness directed to the body includes thereby all the wholesome states that partake of supreme knowledge. One thing, O monks, if developed and cultivated, leads to…

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Staying in the Body and Out of the Mind

We’ve all been there. An argument with a relative erupts, and on your drive home you relive the experience repeatedly, so when you arrive, you realize you weren’t aware of most of the drive. For the rest of the night, you replay that argument mentally, say the things you wish you’d thought of then, and…

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