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Learning vs. Doing Buddhism

Many of us spend our time learning about Buddhism. That’s great but there is another way to approach it: by doing. We’ll look at some of the key differences between these approaches and why it’s good to know about both of them.

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Three Schools of Buddhism Intro

We will look at the three major schools of Buddhism, in the sort of contemporary context YouTubers would be likely to encounter them. We’ll highlight some of the similarities and differences in their styles of belief and practice. This is intended only as a very rough introduction though since there is WAY too much to…

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Is Scholarship Important?

When I was doing my undergraduate and graduate work I sometimes heard snarky criticism of history of philosophy. “Why do I have to know all this?” they’d ask. True, if we’re studying ethics or theory of mind, it’s good to know what people have said about them in the past. But since appeal to authority…

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