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Buddhism for Today, and the SBA

There are many forms of Buddhism for today. Once we understand this we will see the way to make room for a more inclusive and contemporary approach to belief and practice. I’ll discuss this and the role of the Secular Buddhist Association in this video. Please consider donating to the SBA. You can find its…

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Our Website Needs Your Help

You have probably noticed something funny going on with the SBA website recently – like the fact that there’s been no new content in months, articles and other content disappeared, and recent comments and forum posts are missing. You probably have been unable to log on to your account.  Worst of all, Ted’s podcast, Doug’s…

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Why Be Generous?

Why be generous? The first subject the Buddha would typically discuss with lay audiences was generosity. We will look at the Buddha’s outward and inward advice: to whom one should give, and what reasons one should have for giving. Suttas mentioned in this video: The Archery Sutta (SN 3.24) Giving (AN 8.31) Giving (AN 7.52)…

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