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What is Insight Meditation?

Insight or vipassana meditation is a relatively recent form of Buddhist practice, but one with deep roots back into history. We will discuss its characteristics, its history, and distinguish it from other popular forms of Buddhist meditation. Check out my Patreon page!

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Some of Secular Buddhism's Roots are in South Asia

Secular Buddhism has roots that go well back into 19th c. South Asia. We will look at some of that history here. For more on this general topic see: Secular Buddhism’s Roots in South Asia. Erik Braun’s book “The Birth of Insight” is a wonderful resource for the history of Insight or Vipassana Buddhism.

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What is Secular Buddhism?

This is a short experiment, a video I’ve cobbled together and put up on YouTube on the question “What is secular Buddhism?” where I try to explain both what it is, and how it has come about historically. It’s quite short, seven and a half minutes long, so I don’t go into a whole lot…

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Secular Buddhism's Roots in South Asia

A recent article notes a raft of modern innovations taking place at Longquan Monastery in China, including a robot that answers visitors’ questions. These modernizations make the teaching more accessible to laypeople, and are part of a growing movement that “preaches connectivity instead of seclusion and … practical advice over deep philosophy.” Similar modernizations take…

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