Episode 85 :: Matt Lowry and Brian Gregory :: Physics and Martial Arts

Matt Lowry the Skeptical Teacher, and Brian Gregory of Virtual Drinking Skeptically join us to talk about the myths and facts of the physics of martial arts.

I remember a television show called “That’s Incredible”, and indeed it was. One particular episode had a self-proclaimed martial arts master, James Hydrick who could — supposedly — move pencils and turn phone book pages with his extra-normal powers. This was debunked with a few flakes of packing material on another show, showing how this charlatan was simply using his breath to cause objects to move.

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Episode 77 :: Matt Lowry and Dana Nourie :: Fun With Physics and Walking Through Walls

Dana Nourie and Matt Lowry join us to speak about physics, the natural world, and quantum misperceptions.

Lately, there seems to be an unfortunate mixing of Siddhattha Gotama’s teaching and practice around the existential experience of dissatisfaction, and science. Certainly we do see wonderful scientific studies about what’s going on in the brain during meditation, for example, but that’s a far cry from levitation and walking through walls. Buddhism is not about physics, despite our seeing false patterns of synchronicity between the two.

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Episode 37 :: Dr. Pam Gay :: Cosmologist Over Cocktails

Dr. Pam Gay Pam Gay speaks with us about comics, science fiction conventions, new discoveries with the Hubble telescope — and practicing acceptance with others’ spiritual views. Hi everyone, and welcome back to The Secular Buddhist. I’d like to take a moment before we get started with today’s wonderful guest to thank you for listening.…

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Episode 14 :: Revitalization Movements :: Part Two

We will conclude part two of our interview with the Triple Gem of the virtual secular sangha, Linda Blanchard, Jan Ford, and Dana Nourie on the topic of revitalization movements, and how that’s impacting us in the early stages of the development of secular buddhist practice. Linda Blanchard Linda Blanchard founded the Skeptical Buddhists’ Sangha…

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Episode 11 :: Enlightenment Experiences: Validity and Usefulness

Will Davidson Self Dropped Away? Awesome! So Now What? Many people have experiences that we would commonly call “spiritual”, every day. They feel a deep connectedness as self drops away, and there is nothing between them and their direct involvement of the processes of life. A tremendous joy arises, incomparable to any previous feeling they’ve…

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Episode 9 :: Spirituality for Atheists :: Part Two

Grant Steves Today we’re presenting the second part of our conversation with Grant Steves about spirituality for atheists, and we’ll get to that in a moment. But first, a question came up from the the previous podcast, part one of that interview. I ran into Jack Caravela this morning at Memorial Blood Centers, we and…

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