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Episode 137 :: Stephen Schettini :: Secular Practice One-On-One

Stephen Schettini The Naked Monk Stephen Schettini joins us to speak about personal evolution from religious Buddhism to secular practice. It’s interesting, isn’t it, how things change and yet so much remains the same? We have in our world, for example, not only ongoing lineages of religious Buddhism, but these traditions are growing alongside new…

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The Double-bind of Guru Devotion

Stephen Schettini was asked by a correspondent about his insights on the guru-disciple relationship and the suitability/pitfalls of such a model in the modern age. He was asked, “How did you cope with rejecting those relationships in your own life; and now with your role as a teacher how do you approach this?” First, the…

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Episode 68 :: Stephen Schettini :: It Begins with Silence

Stephen Schettini Stephen Schettini speaks with us about his new book, It Begins with Silence – The Art of Mindful Reflection. Meditation can be very challenging, not the least of which is understanding what it is we’re trying to do. Empty the mind, use the mind, both, or neither? Seeing that meditation can be many…

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