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Q&A: Video Music and Nonself Vlogging

So I’ll be asking you folks a question to start with, and then we’ll consider the issue of doing a vlog while taking the Buddha’s notion of non-self seriously. Are the two compatible or not?

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Vlog: Cults and Weird Buddhism

Today I’ll discuss some experiences with a teacher of mine who was in a couple of cults, plus an example of weird Buddhism that provides a bit of a lesson.  

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Vlog: Meditation and a Podcast

On this vlog I’ll talk about the strange instructions that started me off meditating, and a great podcast I was just on. Hope you enjoy! Links in this video: The Workshed Podcast Insight Timer

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Video Extra: Vlog Experiment

Oy, OK this is another experiment. Mixing things up a bit, this is a bit of a “behind the scenes” vlog, talking about some history I’ve had finding my way with Buddhism and creative writing. OK don’t hate on me too much if vlogging isn’t your thing, I’m not big on talking about myself either!…

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