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Knowledge and Wisdom: What's the Deal?

What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Should our aim be to pursue one or the other? We’ll look at these questions in this video, and also discuss the role of contemporary skepticism and science. Check out my new Patreon page!

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Skepticism, Atheism, and the Good Life

Where do we find the good life? The ancient Greeks, our earliest philosophical forebears in the West, thought the highest aim of reason was to answer just this kind of question. Nowadays we often think of reason as allied to the twin aims of (1) scientific skepticism, that is, following the results of consensus science as…

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Anatomy of Seeing into Experience: Right View

This is Part 1 of a series of exploration and practice into the first factor of The Eightfold Path. This first factor really holds within it the entire path. It’s not something you master and move onto the second, but is a journey of exploration that carries over into all the other factors as well.…

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