What is Secular Buddhism?

This is a short experiment, a video I’ve cobbled together and put up on YouTube on the question “What is secular Buddhism?” where I try to explain both what it is, and how it has come about historically. It’s quite short, seven and a half minutes long, so I don’t go into a whole lot of detail. For example I didn’t mention Stephen Batchelor’s multiple contributions, perhaps because they are so obvious! Nevertheless I hope anyone not familiar with his work will look for his recent books, or listen to the podcast interview with him that Ted has recently uploaded. I found Confession of a Buddhist Atheist to be particularly interesting.

Further info on Ledi Sayadaw’s relation to contemporary secular Buddhism

Further info on the relation between secular humanism and secular Buddhism

The Dalai Lama’s two books recommending secular ethics:

Ethics for the New Millennium
Beyond Religion

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