A conversation between secular Buddhist teacher Stephen Batchelor and Christian theologian Lloyd Geering, held at St Andrews on The Terrace in Wellington, New Zealand in November 2010. The focus of the conversation was “Can Christianity and Buddhism Remain Relevant in the 21st Century?”. This is a 12 part discussion.

::View the other parts of this discussion:: These talks are from the New Zealand Secular Buddhism YouTube Channel.

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  1. NaturalEntrust on August 26, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Thanks Dana, that was very interesting to listen to.
    Stephen took up a couple of things that I too has
    tried to get SBA interested in and I am not alone.

    I trust it where Saibhu? but I could be wrong.
    I should use the search to find it. But not sure
    what keyword to use for to find it.

    Stephen use the words renunciation of this world
    or very similar while Saibhu used maybe world denying
    or something else. Stephen mention it very early and
    also in Chapter 6 of the videos.

    Another thing he took up where that Western Buddhists
    seems not as interested as he is to make use of the word
    religion in relation to Buddhism. That is my take too. Most
    atheistic Western Buddhists get very upset if one say
    that Buddhism is an acknowledged religion. To them that
    is the impurities that got added later which they want to
    get rid of while Stephen maybe wants to use the word
    religion in some other way then what atheists usually think?

    They talked about that in relation to Dawkins and NeoAtheism.

    Third thing where most likely about remaking Buddhism
    from the ground up.

    So at two different instance Stephen has mention this now.
    And he confirmed my hasty remarks that maybe Buddhists
    don’t want to follow him there not even the SBA?

    To just repeat a thing that I heard him say?

    Secular when he use it is not opposing the religious
    part of Buddhism. Secular mean to be religious within
    these hundreds years that a typical human life is bound to.

    He does not come through as a typical atheist of the sort
    that I’ve been most of my life. If I get him at all to him
    Buddhism is a religion.

    It says January does it mean that it got produced then
    and ended up on the site very recently or why else has
    nobody even made a comment?

    I feel bad about being this dominating that I am commenting
    on things that all the others find totally uninteresting?

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