Molly Hahn

Molly Hahn returns to speak with us about the growth of Buddha Doodles, her upcoming book Buddha Doodles: Imagine the Possibilities, and thriving after trauma.

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Trauma in youth seems to be a growing problem, in terms of numbers of cases, at a younger age, and with increasingly complex and severe symptoms. The outlook for those suffering from abuse, particularly in the formative years of childhood, may seem grave. What would it be like, though, if you could intentionally take ownership of healing, and perhaps become a creative and directive force in your own life?

Molly Hahn, aka Mollycules, began her daily meditative sketch practice in 2011, after a series of traumatic life events. Her Buddha comics, light in heart but deep in intent, greatly helped her in her own healing process. To share and pay forward this joy, she began posting Buddha Doodles online, and was delighted when they quickly found an audience. The Buddha Doodles community is now over 200,000 strong and growing, at Special thanks to Laura Iversen for her coordination of this interview.

So, sit back, relax, and have a nice Doodle Drop tea.


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