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Politics, Religion, and Engaged Buddhism

With the advent of “engaged Buddhism”, Buddhism in the modern world has taken an emphasis on political involvement. We will look at some of the history of religious involvement in politics, with a particular focus on Buddhism, and ask how Buddhism can work best in a secular context. Check out my new Patreon page!

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Taking a Second Look at Radical Dharma Through the Lens of Social Class

Mark Knickelbine’s positive appraisal of the recently-published book, Radical Dharma: Talking, Race, Love and Liberation, highlights the authors’ emotional honesty and integrity in navigating the relationship between Buddhism and radical activism in the context of pervasive systems of oppression which mark American society.  I had a similarly positive reaction to that aspect of the book,…

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Being a Mindful, Politically Engaged Buddhist

Minds are turning towards politics, especially in the US where we have a big election coming up. Arguments and opinions are flying back and forth, along with facts and misinformation. As Buddhist practitioners, we are handed challenges in many forms.

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