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Was the Buddha Human or Divine?

We see aspects of both humanity and divinity in the Buddha of the early texts. I’ll discuss some of those aspects and propose some ways the historical development might have proceeded. Essays: Suttas: A Trainee: A Delicate Lifestyle: Fear and Dread: Greater Discourse on the Destruction of Craving: At Cātumā:…

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The Buddha's Manifesto on Miracles and Revelation

The Kevaddha Sutta* (Dīgha Nikāya 11) opens with Kevaddha, a householder, who tells the Buddha that there are many potential converts to the Buddha dhamma living nearby in Nāḷandā. He suggests that the Buddha get one of his monks to use miracles to excite and amaze them. This would, he says, be sure to gain many…

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Does Humanist Meditation Exist?

This is a presentation Rick Heller of the Harvard Humanist Contemplative group gave on secular meditation at the American Humanist Association conference, April 8, 2011. Does humanist meditation exist View more presentations from Rick Heller Does humanist meditation exist — Presentation Transcript 1. Does Humanist Meditation Exist? Presented by Rick Heller Harvard Humanist Contemplative Group…

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