Episode 247 :: Bill Merklee :: Instant Dharma Streaming Radio


Bill Merklee

Bill Merklee joins us to speak about the recently retired Instant Dharma Streaming Radio.

Hi, everyone. As I mentioned in the welcome message, today we’re going to be speaking with Bill Merklee about Instant Dharma Streaming Radio. When Bill was kind enough to join me some months ago to record this interview, Instant Dharma was alive and well, and wonderful to listen to. I was saddened to get a note from Bill recently that the host, Live365, had ceased operations. And that’s something worth considering, not just impermanence in a Buddhist sense, but the very real world result of not having support. There are so many labors of love in the world, like Bill’s, that we may sometimes forget the realities of what it takes to provide them. Live365 wasn’t able to continue to operate, but if you regularly enjoy something that someone is freely giving of themselves to create, consider supporting them if you can. We’re going to go ahead and publish this conversation about the retired program anyway, to honor and show our appreciation for Bill and all the others who give so generously.

So, sit back, relax, and have a nice Blood Orange tea.

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