Episode 322 :: Kare Landfald :: Zen Coaching

Kare Landfald

Kare Landfald joins us to speak about Zen Coaching.

As secular Buddhism gain momentum, it is inevitable the “this world” focus of secularity also find new engagements within the many branches of the Buddhist tree. Zen is no exception, and contemporary living can be a powerful tool in authentically showing up for your life.

Kåre Landfald is the founder of the Zen Coaching approach, started in 2005. He was co–owner of Ängsbacka Retreat Center from 2004-2006, and of Kärlingesund Retreat Center from 2014-2018. He now lives in Oslo and travels extensively, offering training in Zen Coaching, workshops, and coaching to individuals and organisations in many countries.

So, sit back, relax, and have a nice Equanimi-tea.

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