Episode 336 :: Paul Keddy :: Darwin Meets the Buddha

Paul Keddy

Paul Keddy joins us to speak about Darwin Meets the Buddha: Human Nature, Buddha Nature, Wild Nature.

The interconnectedness of all life sometimes takes a back seat in Buddhism, with the spotlight going to lists in service of release from rounds of rebirth. The earning of that freedom, however, happens in samsara, and deep insights about interdependent origination and all the gems of Buddhist thought, can be found in the direct experience of the natural world.

Dr. Paul Keddy has been a professor of ecology for 30 years, and has published over 100 scholarly papers and six books. He has been designated a Highly Cited Researcher, awarded the National Wetlands Award for Science Research by the Environmental Law Institute, and recognized by the Society of Wetland Scientists with the Lifetime Achievement Award. The focus of his work has been upon the principles that organize plant communities, with particular emphasis upon wetlands. Keddy has been a Buddhist practitioner since the early 1980s.

So, sit back, relax, and have a nice Back Country tea.


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