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Episode 322 :: Kare Landfald :: Zen Coaching

Kare Landfald Kare Landfald joins us to speak about Zen Coaching. As secular Buddhism gain momentum, it is inevitable the “this world” focus of secularity also find new engagements within the many branches of the Buddhist tree. Zen is no exception, and contemporary living can be a powerful tool in authentically showing up for your…

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12/8 Practice Circle: Hope in Darkness

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are rapidly approaching the Winter Solstice. Darkness and cold are gradually encroaching. The trees that not long ago were full of color now stand bare against the pale sky. The harshest part of winter is nearly upon us. I know I’m not the only person who struggles a…

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9/22 Practice Circle: Listening to the Felt Sense

I’m going with my gut on this.  It’s what’s in my heart.  I have a funny feeling inside.  These common phrases indicate that we recognize that physical sensations in the body have important things to tell us, things that may be beyond the grasp of our conscious awareness. Several of the world’s wisdom traditions put…

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9/8 Practice Circle: Mountains Flowing

I recently returned from a vacation in the Rockies, where we stayed in a little cabin near the tree line. We had a wonderful view of a hilltop just across the valley, with patches of snow lingering in the August heat. We spent hours on the front porch watching that mountain as the sun moved…

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Practice Circle: Getting Stuck

For Practice Circle this coming Sunday the 25th of August, we’ll explore experiences of getting stuck, what they’re like, and ways in which our practice can help us get un-stuck. To join us, learn more on the Practice Circle web page.

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