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Escaping Dispute

The Gratification of Dispute How often do you engage in disputes over your views and opinions? Dispute and argument are an integral part of many secular philosophies, maybe even their most prized practice. Science itself functions around the adversarial methods of dispute, debate, and peer review. The difference between “natural philosophy” and what we consider the science of today…

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Knowing When to Speak Up or Shut Up!

Part 2 of a series on communicating controversial topics In the last month, I’ve had online conversations with a Muslim who tried to convince me Allah is the only and true god, a Christian who tried to persuade me that Jesus is my Savior, several traditional Buddhists who insist that by not believing in reincarnation…

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How to Engage Effectively in Controversial Discussions

            Part 1 of a series on communicating about controversial topics At The Amazing Meeting (TAM) 2011 this year, a theme emerged in many of the talks and panel discussions. That theme was how to engage effectively in controversial discussions. I emphasize the word effectively. It got me thinking on…

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