Buddhism for Today, and the SBA

There are many forms of Buddhism for today. Once we understand this we will see the way to make room for a more inclusive and contemporary approach to belief and practice. I’ll discuss this and the role of the Secular Buddhist Association in this video. Please consider donating to the SBA. You can find its…

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Episode 101 :: Julian Adkins, Anantacitta Tunnell, Dana Nourie :: Secular Buddhism U.K.

Julian Adkins, Anantacitta Tunnell, and Dana Nourie join us to talk about a new website dedicated to growing the Secular Buddhist community in the U.K.

Every week, I get email from listeners to the podcast, and from people who’ve found the Secular Buddhist Association site. Take this one from Michael R. just the other day: “I would like to take a moment to thank you for developing and establishing your website. It fulfills a need I’ve long attempted to satisfy. My interest and practice of Buddhism is strongly oriented along the same lines of what I perceive to be those of John Peacock’s, Stephen Batchelor’s and Steve Hagen’s. However, it was not until I encountered your site that I realized there was a community that appeared to resonate for me. Anyway, I wish merely to express my gratitude and look forward to the SBA’s continued growth.”

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Episode 90 :: Dana Nourie :: Secular Buddhist Association Website

Dana Nourie Hi, everyone. As we mentioned last week, today’s episode is going to be dedicated to the new Secular Buddhist Association website, some of the reasons why we’ve created a new and improved web presence for our secular Buddhist community, and what the features are to address those needs. I’m also very happy to…

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