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Secular Dharma Semitreat :: Day One

by Ted Meissner First full day of the retreat, and traditional retreat habits of all kinds have taken up right where they left off. This includes the penchant for what I rationally know to be unpalatable Folgers instant coffee in the morning, and the same brand in decaf before bed. The food is proving to…

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Secular Dharma Semitreat :: Prologue

by Ted Meissner Several people have asked that I keep them posted about the Secular Dharma seminar with Stephen and Martine Batchelor, so I’ll be posting here on the blog as time, connectivity, and silence permit.  The blog entries say “Semitreat” as the combination of it being somewhere between a seminar and a retreat, a…

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Secular Buddhism :: Part One :: What Is It?

This is Part One of a five part series, exploring some concepts of Secular Buddhism.  This post is the What, upcoming posts will examine Who, Where, When, and How. *** Recently, and in the past few weeks in particular, there seems to have been an upsurge in the blogosphere about secular Buddhism.  Commentary has been…

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