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Buddhist Practice for Social Change

How can early Buddhist practice help our effort for social change? We’ll discuss ways that these teachings can impact our efforts towards making the world a better place, and ways that they might help make us healthier and more effective. Books mentioned: Bhikkhu Bodhi, The Buddha’s Teachings on Social and Communal Harmony Richard Gombrich, Theravāda…

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Start With Yourself

We all want to make the world a better place, but doing so can be at times difficult, frustrating, even stressful. Rather than turning towards cynicism, why not start making the world a better place by working with yourself? A good article from the Washington Post notes that work on oneself should not preclude work…

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Episode 127 :: Richard Winter :: Power, Freedom, Compassion

Richard Winter Richard Winter speaks with us about the alignment of Buddhism and Marxism in his book, Power, Freedom, Compassion: Transformations For A Better World. How to we transform a society? Do we start off with our view about the best way to run a government, and dive right into sweeping changes, or have we…

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