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Practice Circle 4/14: New Attitudes of Mindfulness: Curiosity 

At Practice Circle, we have worked with Jon Kabat Zinn’s Seven Attitudes of Mindfulness: Acceptance, Nonjudging, Nonstriving, Letting Go, Patience, Humor, Trust, and Beginner’s Mind.  In their terrific training manual for mindfulness teachers, A Clinician’s Guide to Teaching Mindfulness, Christina Wolf and J. Greg Serpa add three more: Curiosity, Kindness, and Gratitude and Generosity.  Over…

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3/11 Practice Circle: Mindfulness of the Body

I’ve been reading Beth Ann Mulligan’s “The Dharma of Modern Mindfulness,” which is impressive for the way she uses anecdotes from her secular MBSR course to illustrate basic Buddhist principles. In that spirit, when Practice Circle meets again this Sunday, March 11, at 6 p.m. Pacific, 8 Central and 9 Eastern, we’ll begin a four-part…

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Practice Circle: Autumn and Impermanence

We’ve crossed the Equinox, and here in the northern USA where I live, the arrival of autumn is unmistakable. Green leaves dry and are touched with orange, red and gold. The evening turns cool and dark. Soon the lush profusion of life will give way to the barren cold of winter. It’s a very good…

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