What is this Path of Mindfulness? (John Peacock Talk)

John Peacock

John Peacock

This talk covers the relationship of mindfulness to the three marks of existence as well as the the three ‘fires’ of greed, aversion and delusion. The question is also raised as to how we want to live our lives and our commitment to that vision.

I highly recommend that you listen to this talk. John does an excellent job of talking about what the Buddha taught, explaining words from the Pali Canon, and most importantly how this all fits into the reality of the lives we live every day, in this life.

After you listen, feel free to comment below, ask question, or talk about this talk in the discussion forums. This talk fits in nicely with some of the discussions we’ve been¬† having in the discussion forums. I particularly like the way he explains phenomena, impermanence, and dukkha.


This talk originally was published on dharmaseed.org.

John Peacock, an academic and meditation teacher for 25 years, currently teaches Buddhist studies and Indian religions at the University of Bristol, UK. He is an Associate Director of The Oxford Mindfulness Centre, recognized by Oxford University.