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Posts by Dana Nourie

Mindfulness Meditation, Meaningful Distraction, and an MRI

Dive in California

In a TV commercial a mom is sitting alone in a room, meditating, and children noises from nearby are getting louder and louder. Suddenly she screams, “Shut up! I’m trying to meditate!” It’s a common misconception that you need a quiet place without distraction to meditate, or that distraction is something we are never supposed…

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What is the Eightfold Path?

The Eightfold Path is common to most Buddhist traditions, and secular Buddhists consider the Eightfold Path to be the heart of practice. The Eightfold Path, or path as it’s called, is a guide for areas to explore and practice. There is great wisdom in this path, all of which can be tried out and tested…

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Out of the Food Chain to Compassion

I’m struggling with aversion. In recent years, I’ve become really bothered by how humanity has just taken over the planet without regard to habitats, and the needs of other animals. I’ve noticed this more  because of my photography hobby, where I get out to take nature photos and pix of animals. A few years ago,…

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Making Peace in my Own Backyard

I sat and just allowed myself to feel the emotion of anger roiling within my body, tightening my stomach, clenching at my throat. While there was this rush of excitement, the anger itself in the body was distinctly uncomfortable, disconcerting.

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What are the Three Marks of Existence?

The Three Marks of Existence is important in Buddhism, because it means we start to see things, situations as they really are. Everything is impermanent, suffering is a part of existence (for living things anyway), and nothing exists in and of itself, without dependencies. The three marks of existence is not an idea or theory…

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Finding Authority Outside of Tradition

In this episode host Vincent Horn concludes his conversation with Ted by exploring the role of Tradition in secular Buddhism. They consider the question of spiritual authority in secular Buddhism and whether it’s possible to see through the filter of culture and tradition. This is Part 2. Part 1 is listed below. This topic comes…

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The Whiner's Meditation Guide

 I can’t meditate because it makes me sleepy.  I can’t sit still, or I get hungry. All my annoyances from the day before comes up when I meditate. I find myself arguing with my boss when I meditate. I don’t think I meditate correctly. Does meditation even do anything? Is it working? I can’t meditate…

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Metta–Goodwill to All

I’ve struggled for a long time with metta practice, often called Loving Kindness meditation. Generally, this practice is carried out by sitting in guided meditation, then on your own later. During meditation, you picture in your mind a person you hold dear,  and are mindful of how that feels. Holding that feeling of endearment, you…

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Meeting Dharma Buddies on SBA

Let’s face it, practice requires continual attention,  intention, meditation time, and much of it is not easy. Learning about Buddhism is also challenging, especially since most books are not written for a secular viewpoint. Of course, that is why we created the SBA site, to provide you with information on secular Buddhism, and to make…

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