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The Secular Buddhist Podcast

Episode 309 :: Toni Bernhard :: How To Be Sick Revised and Updated

Toni Bernhard Toni Bernhard joins us to speak about the updated and revised edition of her book How To Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers. Hi, everyone. Before we begin today’s episode, I would like to mention that this podcast and the supporting website, discussion forums, our live, online…

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Episode 308 :: Blair Hurley :: Buddhist Fiction The Devoted

Blair Hurley Blair Hurley joins us to speak about her new Buddhist fiction book, The Devoted. I know that many of you listening are avid readers, and have sometimes asked about Buddhist fiction. We’ve not had a lot of those interviews on the podcast because it’s not a particularly large portion of fiction writing, but…

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Episode 307 :: Eve Ekman :: Cultivating Emotional Balance

Eve Ekman Eve Ekman joins us to speak about the program Cultivating Emotional Balance. In quite a few conversations lately, I’ve noticed a trend to encourage the perspective of emotions as transitory. Which has merit, of course thoughts, sensations, and emotions arise and fade. But I’ve seen this attitude sometimes cross over into dismissing both…

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Episode 303 :: Bernat Font :: Secular Mindfulness and Buddhism

Our friend Bernat Font returns to the podcast to speak about Stream Entry as practice, and the evolution of secular mindfulness and Buddhism. As many of you know, Buddhism is not a monolithic religion with no variation. There are lots of different branches, each with their own further unique interpretations, rituals, and ways the sasana…

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